Qualified Team For World Cup?

UEFA( Europe)  has the most sides at the competition: 14 (Russia, France, Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Poland, England, Spain, Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark).

South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Peru)

Africa (Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Egypt)

Asia (Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia)

CONCACAF (Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama)

Oceania have none after New Zealand lost to Peru in a playoff.


How does the draw work?


Pot 1: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France

Pot 2: Spain, Peru, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Croatia

Pot 3: Denmark, Iceland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Iran

Pot 4: Serbia, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, South Korea, Saudi Arabia

One team from each pot is drawn into a group, making eight groups of four nations. There can’t be more than two teams from Europe in any one pot, and no more than one nation from any other confederation.

world cup

(The opening match at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow is on June 14 and Final Match is on July 15.)


Group A – Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay.

Group B – Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran.

Group C – France, Australia, Peru, Denmark.

Group D – Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria.

Group E – Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia.

Group F – Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea.

Group G – Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England.

Group H – Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan.


The Opening Game of the 2018 World Cup will be Russia v Saudi Arabia. World Cup holders Germany face Mexico in their opening match while neighbours Portugal and Spain play each other in Group B’s opener.