Colombia: FARC has officially registered itself as a political party and is looking forward to the 2018 elections. Last year a peace treaty was signed between the Colombia government and the FARC ending the war that lasted for more than half century. According to the agreement FARC will be given 5 representatives in the Senate as well as 5 representatives in the lower house.

During the peace agreement there are certain protocols FARC had to follow, there were: disarmament, curtail drug trafficking, address Human Rights abuse and create a political party. FARC has been successful in creating a political party taking up the name Common Alternative Revolutionary Force. The new party has officiated their logo which displays a rose above the acronym FARC. The former FARC agents have been invited to participate in politics, some have been given pensions to start their own business and there have been cases filed against some for human rights abuse.

FARC is an acronym for the Spanish group ‘Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionas de Colombia’ which means Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. This organisation has been noted to be notorious indulging in crimes like kidnapping, drug trafficking and other activities. Most of the cocaine that arrives in America is said to be the groups activity. The FARC is also said to be the third wealthiest terrorist groups in the world. FARC has been labeled as a terror group by many international organisations like the United Nations and many other countries.There are similar cases of terror organisation turning into political parties like Hezollah in Lebanon and in Ireland IRA therefore is not an alien practise.

The origin of FARC can be traced back to the 1950’s civil war after the assassination of a famous politician Jorge Elieur Gaitan. There was a risie in the monopoly of the political parties in the parliament which kept it closed for other parties. This gave rise to the elite in Colombia who lived off the commoners. The corruption in the Colombia government and the ill practises of the political parties gave rise to this group. The country was divided into the conservative government and the communist liberal that came to be known as FARC. FARC continued to fight against the government for almost five decades.

In 2016 a peace treaty was signed which ended the war. Since then nearly quarter million people have lost their lives. The FARC is not very popular among the people but nor is the government. The Colombia people just awaits the long lost peace in their county.