After serving for seven long years at the Supreme Court; Justice Deepak Misra became the 45th Chief Justice of India after Jagdish Singh Khehar completed his term on 25th August . He is the third judge from Orissa to become the CJI after Ranganatha Misra and GB Pattinaik JJ.

Justice Misra enrolled to Bar on 14 February 1977 (23 years). He was appointed as the additional Judge at the Orissa High Court in 1996 and the following year he was transferred to the Madhya Pradesh High Court where he became a permanent Judge. He was later appointed as the Chief Justice of Delhi in 2010 after serving as the Chief Justice of Patna High Court for six months. He served in the latter capacity until he was elevated to the Supreme court on October 2011.

Landmark Judgments

Justice Misra was involved in various notable judgments like turning down the Mercy petition filed by the sole condemned man of the 1993 Bombay Blasts; Yakub Menon. He also led the three judge bench who decided to hang four convicts in the horrific ‘Nirbhaya’ rape and murder case which shook the entire nation apart. One of his highly praised judgement came during the Own Motion vs the State case where made mandated the Delhi police to upload FIR’s online withing 24 hours of the FIR being lodged.


Born on 3rd October 1953; Justice Misra will remain the Chief justice for another 14 months until he retires on October 2nd 2018, a day before his 64th Birthday which precisely 400 days from the day he assumed office(28 August 2017)

Looking Forward to

Justice Misra will look forward to give many high profile and much awaited judgments in his tenure as the CJI like the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Maszid case and the AADHAR card case which could literally change the meaning of pirvacy in the constitution.
He will  create a constitutional bench to decide Supreme court’s stand on Article 35A which gives a special status to Kashmir and Section 377 of the IPC which decides the validation of criminalizing homosexual marriage in India.