Actor and BJP MP Kirron Kher gave bizarre suggestion on Thursday when she said that the survivor of the Chandigarh gangrape should not have boarded the autorickshaw after she saw three men already sitting in it.


“I want to tell all girls: When there are three men already sitting in an auto, you should not board the auto,”.

“I am saying this to protect the girls”.

“Even when we used to travel by taxi in Mumbai, we used to make someone note down the number of the taxi….because we wanted our safety.”  the bjp mp kirron kher said on which people angrily reacted, to which she defended her remark by saying

“I just said that because the times are very bad, girls should exercise caution. Politics should not be played here”. “Shame on those people who are trying to politicise this issue. There are girls in your houses also. You should also make some constructive remarks instead of destructive ones,” kirron kher added.

However, Even after clarifying her statement it was not clear how it led to politicisation.