Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain separated their ties with Qatar on Monday, blaming the affluent Gulf Arab state for supporting fear based oppression.

The organized move significantly heightens a stewing disagreement about Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most seasoned Islamist development, and includes allegations that Doha even backs the motivation of territorial main adversary Iran.

The three Gulf states reported the conclusion of transport ties with Qatar and gave Qatari guests and occupants two weeks to leave their nations.

Saudi Arabia blamed Qatar for support activist gatherings and spreading their rough belief system, in an evident reference to its persuasive state-claimed satellite station Al Jazeera.

“(Qatar) grasps different psychological militant and partisan gatherings gone for exasperating soundness in the locale, including the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS (Islamic State) and al Qaeda, and advances the message and plans of these gatherings through their media continually,” state news office SPA said.

The announcement went ahead to blame Qatar for supporting what it portrayed as Iranian-sponsored activists in its fretful and to a great extent Shi’ite Muslim-populated Eastern locale of Qatif and in Bahrain. There was no prompt Qatari response to the declarations, however it has denied supporting fear based oppression or Iran before.

On its state news organization, Egypt, the Arab world’s most crowded country, said Qatar’s arrangement “undermines Arab national security and sows the seeds of strife and division inside Arab social orders as indicated by a think arrange gone for the solidarity and interests of the Arab country.”

Likewise on Monday, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier Etihad suspended its flights to Qatar.

Etihad said on its site its last flights “until further notice” would leave early Tuesday morning. Etihad gave no explanation behind the choice. It is the banner transporter of the United Arab Emirates.