Two medium power tremors were felt in Haryana, in Delhi and different parts of northern India in early hours of Friday. The principal tremor, which was felt for around a moment, shook Delhi and NCR regions occured at 4:20 am. As indicated by United States Geological Survey, the shudder measured 4.7 on the Richter scale. In the interim, the second shake hits Haryana as earthquake tremors with a size of 3.2 which was felt in Rohtak at 8.13 AM today. There have been no reports of loss of lives up till now. The USGS said that the epicentre was at a profundity of 10 kms for the second quake, while the depth of the primary quake was 22 km.

Scared by the quake, individuals took to online networking to share their experience. “RT if you came to Twitter just to confirm if that was an #Earthquake! #Delhi Gurgaon,” a Twitter client composed. “Earthquake in Delhi once more? Anybody felt it?” Tweeted Nivi Shrivastava, another Twitter client. “When you are awake at this time of the night and your bed trembles. Delhi #earthquake,,” Neha Tekriwal, another Twitter client composed.

Prior in the day, an earthquake of size 3.2 had hit Senapati district in Manipur at 5:48 pm. Be that as it may, no harm to property or death toll was finished by the mellow power tremor. Tremors were additionally felt in Sikkim before in the day, another north-eastern state. The shake was measured 4.6 on the Richter scale.

Prior, on Thursday, two direct power earthquakes hit Bhaderwah and Doda belts of Jammu and Kashmir. Mellow tremors were likewise felt at a few sections in the Northern parts of India, including the national capital, Delhi. The quake, which measured 4.7 on the Richter scale, struck the Bhaderwah belt at 7.23 pm, authorities said. While the second tremor with 3.2 intensity, jarred Bhaderwah Valley at 7.48 pm, PTI announced.

The report said that tremors were additionally felt in the connecting territories of Bhaderwah Valley, including parts of Doda, Bhalessa, Malwana and Marmat. Terrified individuals allegedly hurried out of their homes in a few zones of Bhaderwah.