Nagpur-Mumbai Duronto Express derailed from its track with its engine and nine coaches between Vasind and Asangaon stations, early in the morning.

Duronto Express derailed from its track at around 6.36 a.m. in the morning, causing heavy rail traffic the Nagpur and Nasik lines, costing on peak office hour travel.

This monsoon, rains are on the peak in Mumbai, being at their highest since 2005, and have left Mumbai flooded.

The train reportedly derailed due to landslide resulting from heavy rains in the Kasara Ghats, but the actual cause of the derailment is yet to be identified. Doctors and other officials reached the spot for the same, said an officer associated with Mumbai railways. He further added that the train driver did an excellent job of applying emergency brakes at the peak moment.

Although no casualties were reported, and railways are yet to ascertain whether or not some passenger was gravely injured, hundreds were stranded on the platform, as the train blocked the path of many other trains on the line. Railways in association with the state government are putting in great efforts to make these people reach their destination.

Railway board chairman ordered a board member, General manager and DRM to reach the site with 35 buses to offer extensive help to the passengers on board the Duronto Express.

Many are even saying that this is another political propaganda to make the railways look irresponsible in the eyes of the people, although there is no clarification of the sentence.