An important feature of Indian politics even after seventy years of independence is survival of Dynastic Politics (DP).

DP means where family members pave way for each other in electoral politics. Indian politics is full of such examples. Like, Nehru-Gandhi Family, Yadavs of RJD, Yadavs of Samajwadi party, Badals of Akali Dal, Karunanidhi family in Tamil Nadu, Abdullah’s of National Conference, Mufti family of PDP, Thackeray’s of Shiv Sena etc.

The main reason for its continued existence is the deep rooted cultural values in our society. Family traditions play an important role. Infact choosing hereditary professions can be seen even in the most educated and elite strata of society example family businesses, medical  and legal profession. Then how can politics be left behind?

Emotional ties with political parties and their leaders is very strong. Giving ticket to family member increases the chances of victory.

In Indian party traditions only BJP and Left has defied this culture. Dynastic Politics is therefore practised more among the secular, centrist political parties. One has to see how long the ideological political parties like BJP and Left can resist the strong current of Dynastic Politics in India.