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April 7, 2020

Delhi police announces reward for Suyash Gupta

Having reached at a dead end in the Dr. Shashwat Pandey murder case, the Delhi Police on Saturday announced a Rs. 50000 cash reward to anyone who gives any clue on the whereabouts of the accused in the case, Dr. Suyash Gupta, who has been on the run since the day of the murder. Police had formed teams to nab the culprit, but in vain.

Dr. Shashwat Pandey, who worked in the Department of Radiology in St. Stephens Medical College lay dead in the hospital on Friday, 25th August, with his throat slit. The body was first discovered by a staff attendant, and taken by the police for post-mortem.

Staff members had much to say about the two and their relationship. Dr. Shashwat and Suyash were good friends and liked each other to the extent that they were about to move in together. However lately, suyash had begun to suspect Shashwat’s growing closeness with one of the hospital’s nurses and his colleague, which even led to a heated argument between the two, about six months earlier.

Dr. Pandey had then decided not to move in with Suyash, and had maintained his distance.

Gupta had been suspended from the hospital after a brief enquiry into his alleged misbehavior with the officials and the HoD of the department, and was on leave from duty since then.

Key leads and sources pointed towards Dr. Suyash Gupta being the main culprit. Police confirmed his involvement when they found that he was on the run.

Gupta’s parents have maintained that they have not had any contact with him since the day he left home with a bag of clothes saying that he would stay at a friend’s home overnight. However, they have pledged to help the police with any clue they get about their son.

Gupta withdrew huge sums of money from different places and has kept changing locations. Unable to track him down and left with pointless clues, the police has pasted his pictures in various cities of significance to the case, and have now announced a lump sum reward for people who would help Police in tracking him down.

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