Intelligence agencies have suspected an attack by Lashkar-E-Taiba. An alert have been issued in metro cities specially Delhi and Mumbai and border areas of Punjab and Rajasthan. 20-21 members of Lashkar-E-Taiba are suspected to have entered in India from Pakistan and subsequently divided themselves into smaller groups. The intelligence officers assume that the LeT operatives may carry out a spectacular terrorist incident in the country. These men are believed to be trained by Pakistan’s inter-services intelligence.

Earlier in the month of May an intelligent officer of US had warned that Pakistan based terrorist agencies are plotting attacks in India and few more countries. In light of all these security has been tightened across the country paying special heed to metro cities specially the public places of Delhi and Mumbai. Police have issued an advisory to strengthen anti terror measures at crowded areas. The advisory has asked various units of police to maintain high level of surveillance and keep a sharp eye for suspected people, things and vehicles and carry out  detailed frisking and checking of these. This advisory comes close on the heels of terror attacks in Manchester in UK and several other places across the world.

Special security has been issued in the capital city of the country, being the favourite spot for terrorist activities. Tight monitoring and high anti terror measures are conducted at metro stations, railway stations, airports, crowded and popular market places, hotels, religious places and the other famous tourist spots. Several PCR vans manned by National security guard-trained drivers and commandoes have been deployed at vulnerable spots.

According to reports the possible terror attack aims at attracting media attention.