Getting up in the morning irritated by the alarm clock, being called for breakfast, hearing your phone ring, being called by your nickname, being teased or teasing others, getting cranky by the traffic noises, shutting yourself out from the world by plugging in your earphones, being shouted at by the boss – which most probably is your wife, going to a Arijit Singh concert and asking for a pass while playing football. These are all the random things you’ve been experiencing in your day to day life but have you ever given thought as to how your life would function in every small aspect if you were not able to hear. Imagine how things would change for you, how difficult little things would become for you and how you would become displeased or happy depending if you are married. Now imagine the life of all those people who’ve got impaired hearing.

Challenges and competence

People with hearing impairments face a lot of challenges related to communication and employment. They are not different in any way except for the fact that the communication methods needed for them are different. Since they need different communication structure their ease of functioning in the society gets hampered with. Thus they face employment problems and problem playing team sports and other interactive sports. But brushing aside the difficulties they have a heightened sense of perception through their eyes. They can’t hear you but they can listen to you through their eyes. Thereby to understand their situation better we need more awareness in our corporates, sports and our social interaction.

Noida Deaf Society

To achieve such motive the Noida Deaf Society organized the ‘RUN FOR HOPE’ marathon at 9th September 2017 near DPS, sector 30, Noida. It was a 3 Km marathon for all where over 200 people participated amongst which most of them were students studying in the Delhi – NCR region affiliated with the Noida deaf Society.  They had arranged prizes for the top 3 finishers and what was truly amazing was that the 1’st and the 3’rd position were backed by deaf individuals. They along with students of DPS were able to raise funds for the event through sponsorships, donations and registration fees for the event which benefited the deaf community. To know more about this NGO visit –


Their Motive

 They organized this event to promote sports in the deaf community and to motivate them t keep pursuing such activities. It was all meant to bring awareness to the general people about their community and challenges faced by them. It thus was meant for developing an inclusive society with the community being able to involve themselves in society and start functioning with ease.


It is thus required that we bring in awareness of the community and such NGOs and organizations so that these communities are benefitted. What we truly need is not sympathy for such individuals but rather an empathy of their needs and problems. It’s only after we start empathizing and understanding their capabilities, communication and talent would we come to a truly inclusive society. And to achieve this one can’t find a better way than sports for bringing in unity and celebration. Sports thus acts as a way of accepting differences and celebrating inclusive individuality. Therefore sports has such a high value in life and society and must always be supported and promoted.