The Congress obviously lost a shot there. With its solid dissatisfaction with a non-Gandhi PM, it has flopped, once more, at hitting the correct note.

Things being what they are, the reason does the Congress loathe Rao so much that it hasn’t assumed acknowledgment for something that he, as a Congress pioneer, began? There are numerous hypotheses on why Sonia Gandhi disdained him.

One of the renowned ones expresses that Rao, post Rajiv Gandhi’s death in 1991, had challenged Sonia Gandhi assuming control as gathering president, inquiring as to why just a Nehru-Gandhi relative be given the top post. Rao never needed the gathering to be viewed as a ‘family undertaking’.

After four years, in 1995, she blamed Rao (who progressed toward becoming PM regardless of Sonia’s absence of help) of going moderately in the test into her significant other’s death. At that point in 1997, when she joined governmental issues, Sonia recorded the accomplishments of her gathering. But that she didn’t say Rao’s endeavors into realizing the said changes. Things never showed signs of improvement between the two, and kept on staying cold notwithstanding when Rao passed on.



These many reasons are sufficiently bad for Congress to not stake claim to something that its pastor began, says Manmohan Singh’s previous media guide.

“Rao’s notable choice to set up full strategic relations with Israel ought to be hailed in light of the fact that in the previous 20 years, Israel has added to India’s rural improvement and national security,” says Baru.

Baru’s announcement holds money in the light of Modi-Amit Shah combo finding a way to assert their place ever. With this visit to Israel and their endeavors to re-set up ties, the precise devastation of the Nehru-Gandhi heritage is by all accounts nearing fruition.

As expressed in the begin, Congress, once more, lost a shot. “Congress can’t look past Gandhi’s,” BJP pioneer GVL Narasimha tells News18.

While many may contend this, there are a couple of who still have confidence in Rao’s relentless endeavors. Previous PM Manmohan Singh keeps on going to Andhra Bhawan in New Delhi, consistently, on 23rd December to check Rao’s demise commemoration.

Perhaps it should take a prompt from one of its own.