A small city Aurangabad (Bihar) not know by more than the half population in our country came into the limelight not by being benevolence but being irrational.

It was the event of Ram-Navmi that people were rejoining and playing loud music. The excitement was at its zenith. The Hindus trying to boost their religion better than the Muslims. The Rally moving across in the Muslim areas was disturbed by some Muslims. The Hindus were in search of opportunity and they got one. Soon the whole city was burning. The cloud being covered by dark- black smoke. All shops were burned and annihilated.

Later on the advent of the Police force, the situation got appeared. The city was under curfew and Section- 144 was implied. Till two days there was complete silence in the city. People hiding in their homes with fear in their eyes. Many got arrested and many absconded. The effect was on the common people and had a heavy loss.

The time has come that we need to ask do we really need these kinds of riots? Are we really different from the other religions?