A 15 year-old girl fell from the third floor of her school building which lead to her death on Monday. Her parents believe that she didn’t fell from the third floor but she was deliberately pushed by someone from there. They demand a detailed investigation on this.
This dreadful incident took place at the city’s Modern Montessori Inter College at around 11 a.m. She was a class 11 student and had gone to third floor washroom but later was found lying on the ground floor with much blood lost.
The school authorities said that she was taken to the nearest hospital but then it was referred to take her to the Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur. She died later on the way to Gorakhpur as told by the police officials.
Her parents say that she was deliberately thrown from the third floor and have filed complain against unknown person. He father told the officials that on the way to the hospital when Neetu’s brother asked her what had happened, to this Neetu answered that she was pushed. Now, her family wants a detailed investigation to take place. Her parents further told that it was so irresponsible of the school management that they didn’t informed about their daughter but it was one of Neetu’s classmate who informed them.
Senior officer, Rajiv Malhotra said “The father has given a complaint that his child was thrown off. The incident happened around 11a.m. and we were informed around 3 p.m. We have called a forensic team to gather further details from the accident site”.
The CCTV cameras in the school didn’t helped anyhow as the cameras were out of order and it didn’t recorded anything.

My Opinion:

First a 7 year-old boy was cold bloodly murdered in a school in Gurugram then a 5 year-old girl in North East of Delhi and now a class 11 girl is said to be pushed from the third floor if her school.
SCHOOL, place we think is the safest after home is now toxicate with all bad we can not even expect.