London, Jul 30: China’s ambassador to the UK lashed out at what he saw as one-sided reporting on human rights issues Thursday, presenting a series of videos defending Chinese actions against Uighur Muslims in the northwest Xinjang province and warning Britain to stop meddling in his country’s affairs.

Liu Xiaoming’s presentation stressed that China’s actions in Xinjiang were meant to fight terrorism, and the grainy images he played for reporters included bloody scenes showing the aftermath of attacks. The videos were meant to counter a recent BBC interview in which presenter Andrew Marr had challenged the diplomat to explain drone footage that apparently showed Uighur prisoners being guarded and transferred to trains by Chinese authorities.

Liu denied Uighurs were being mistreated and posted screen grabs that challenged, among other things, whether the prisoners were kneeling or sitting on the ground. He described so-called victims of human rights violations as being either separatists or actors trained by anti-China forces in the US and other Western countries .

Liu added that disputes over human rights, the imposition of a new security law in Hong Kong and Britain’s decision to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from taking part in the building the new high speed phone network had seriously poisoned the atmosphere” of relations with the UK.

The rising tensions come as US President Donald Trump and his administration push Washington and Beijing toward a new era of ever-growing confrontation. China and U.K. should have enough wisdom and capability to manage and deal with these differences, rather than allowing anti-China forces and Cold war warriors to kidnap (the) China-UK relationship,” he said.

The US has lobbied its allies to shun Huawei because it says the Chinese government could use the company’s technology to spy on Western nations. Huawei denies the allegations and argues that US protectionism is behind the move.

Britain in recent weeks also suspended an extradition treaty with Hong Kong and offered refuge for millions of eligible Hong Kongers who feel threatened by Beijing’s tightening grip on the semi-autonomous city. Liu reiterated that Britain should stop meddling in Hong Kong.

China respects U.K. sovereignty and has never interfered in the UK’s internal affairs,” Liu said. It is important the UK will do the same – namely, respect China’s sovereignty and stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs, which are China’s internal affairs, so as to avoid further damage to the China-UK relationship.

Liu hammered the point that the UK and its people needed to think independently of the hawkish signals coming from the Trump administration and said Britain was at a critical historical juncture in how it wanted to treat China.

Source: AP