China today requested that the US respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and upheld its all-weather partner for being on the “forefront” of the fight against terrorism, in the midst of reports that the Trump administration is investigating tough measures against Islamabad for harbouring militant groups.

“Pakistan is an important country in South Asia. Peace, stability and economic development in Pakistan serve the interest of regional countries and people,” Chinese Foreign Ministry representative, Geng Shuang told the media here.

He was responding to reports that the US is investigating solidifying its approach toward Pakistan to crackdown on Pakistan-based militants launching attacks in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan is on the bleeding edge of global fight against terrorism. It has been immovably opposing terrorism and has made important sacrifice and commitment to fighting terrorism and keeping up regional security and stability,” Geng said.

The foreign ministry representative said the international community ought to recognise that and support the counter-terrorism endeavours made by Pakistan on the premise of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan.

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said a week ago, amid a Congressional hearing on the State Department’s annual budget proposals, that the Trump administration is starting an inter-agency policy review of relations with Pakistan. He additionally included that the president has posed particular inquiries about the level of support and funding to Islamabad.

Media reports, citing U.S. authorities, said potential Trump administration responses being talked about incorporate extending US drone strikes, diverting or withholding some guide to Pakistan and maybe, in the end, downgrading Pakistan’s status as a noteworthy non-NATO partner.

Afghanistan has additionally been firmly critical of Pakistan, blaming it for harbouring hard-line Taliban factions.

Asked about some information about reports from Pakistan that Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, is probably going to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan this end of the week to defuse tensions between the two neighbors, Geng said that China will keep on having benevolent exchanges with the two countries yet declined to affirm reports about Wang’s visit.

“Pakistan and Afghanistan are China’s neighbours. We have cordial relations with the two regions and in addition abnormal state exchanges. Along these lines, in the event that we have any information we will discharge at the appointed time,” he said.

“China truly hopes that Pakistan and Afghanistan upgrade their communication to develop their mutual trust and enhance relations. They should cooperate to guarantee regional peace and stability and China might want to assume a constructive part keeping that in mind,” he said.

The Pakistan-Afghanistan rift has deepened assist after Kabul faulted the current dread assault in Kabul’s strategic region of Pakistan.