There has always been riff offs between two or more countries, everyone has their own way of dealing with their problems. Some choose to remain silent, others show their power and then there are a few others who send signals in the form of gestures. The riff off between the India and China in Dokhlam has taken a different turn from the path of peace as China “allegedly” sent Chinese shoes in tri coloured boxes.

The local shopkeepers in Almora, Uttrakhand were furious when they received these boxes and went straight to the police. “Putting the shoes in boxes with the national flag was an insult to the Tricolour”, said Almora Senior Superintendent of Police, P. Renuka Devi.

Wrapping shoes in a flag of another country is an immediate embarrassment. There is no proper way of retaliating to this low blow, China showing this kind of conduct has disheartened Indians, and has made us wonder all over again about the authenticity of the Chinese products that we have so gladly accepted, were they also a method of insulting our nation?

While the shoe boxes carry the tricolour on top, they have mandarin inscriptions on the base of the box. The locals speculate that China sent these boxes in an attempt to humiliate Indians. Tammana Traders in Rudrapur is supposedly the one who brought these shoes to Uttrakhand. The owner says he purchased the shoes from a distributor in New Delhi, said Udham Singh Nagar Senior Superintendent of Police Sadanand Date.

Local shopkeeper, Bishan Bora filed the initial complaint when he noticed that in the delivery he received seven pairs had come in a normal shoe box while the rest came in tricolour covered boxes, suspecting something wrong he called the police.

Bharatiya Janata Party district president of Almora Lalit Latwal got into action as soon as he heard about this disruption, his statement on this action by China was, “As soon I received information about the consignment, I immediately requested the administration to forfeit the boxes and act against those who are involved in insulting Indian flag. It looks like a bigger conspiracy. The party workers will keep an eye on the case until those culprits are not arrested”.