The Chinese government office here on Wednesday said China was eager to examine the likelihood of option courses of action through different courses for Kailash Manasarovar pioneers who had arranged the excursion by means of Nathula Pass, proposing that the mountain in Sikkim was not open any longer for the journey.

In an announcement, representative of the Chinese consulate in India Consular Xie Liyan stated, “The authority yatra through Lipuleku Pass and non-official yatra through Lhasa and Purang are still on the rails.”

“Indian yatra to Kailash and Manasarovar is an essential piece of China-India individuals to individuals and social exchanges…The two sides concurred that a sum of 350 yatris in seven clusters would partake in yatras to Xizang through Nathula Pass this year,” she said.


“Be that as it may, days before the takeoff of the yatris the Indian outskirt troops crossed into the Chinese region and impeded the Chinese fringe troops’ ordinary exercises in Doklam. To guarantee the sheltered and smooth visit of Indian yatris, China needs to stop their entrance into Xizang through Nathula Pass,” she said.

The representative additionally said the Chinese side had told the Indian side through political channel.

“China reliably regards the Indian individuals’ religious conclusions and joins significance to” the journey,” she said.

While the announcement affirmed that the Indian fringe troops crossed into the Chinese region, India has kept up that it was “profoundly worried at the current Chinese activities and has passed on to the Chinese government that such development would speak to a noteworthy change of business as usual with genuine security suggestions for India”.

“As per insights of Xizang expert, the Chinese side got around 1,000 authority yatris and more than 10,000 non-official yatris consistently. The Indian government and individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds have offered thankfulness and thanks to the endeavors by China,” the Chinese international safe haven explanation said.