President Donald Trump trusts Russia was not the only one in meddling with the US elections and different nations, for example, China and North Korea too have intruded in American surveys throughout the years, one of his top assistants said on Sunday.

“(Trump) said they (Russians) most likely intruded in the election. They meddled in the election. The one thing that he additionally says, which makes the media insane, however, it’s a flat out reality, is that others have also, and that is valid.

China has, North Korea has, and they have reliably finished numerous, numerous years,” White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, disclosed to Fox News.

“He trusts that Russia presumably dedicated these demonstrations that we’ve been recounted, yet he likewise trusts that different nation additionally taken part in this,” Priebus said.

His position was rather than the US president who has seemed reluctant to point the finger at Russia yet has recognized others might be included, saying “no one truly knows without a doubt.”

He has tweeted that Putin “eagerly denied” meddling in the presidential election amid their first eye to eye experience at the G20 Summit on Friday.

Priebus, be that as it may, said Trump “totally did not trust” Putin’s disavowal. Russia, he attested, is not free on the issue, but rather the Trump organization is not going to renounce advance on different issues essentially in light of the fact that they contrast on this.

“What it implies is that we have to advance with things like a truce in Syria, which will spare a considerable measure of lives,” he said. “It implies we have to push ahead with cooperating with ISIS. We have to push ahead with cooperating in settling the contention in Ukraine.”

Reacting to an inquiry whether the US was disconnected at the G20 Summit in Germany on the issue of environmental change, Priebus said Trump protected America’s advantage.

“Does the president have any inconvenience when he’s one against 19?” the White House head of staff was inquired.

“The president has made it clear that he doesn’t trust the Paris assention is reasonable. Presently, you say it’s a contradiction. It’s truly not a difference on the earth. It’s a contradiction on the Paris assention itself, and the way that we would prefer not to be hamstrung by an understanding that will hurt the American laborer the nation over that the president has vowed to help,” he said.