In the midst of ongoing crisis, a landmark draft law has been approved by the cabinet in Qatar. This law will grant permanent residency cards to some foreigners.  Foreigners constitute 88% of Qatar’s population and play a crucial role in running its economy.

Under the new law, those eligible for cards include Children with a Qatari mother and a foreign father along with foreign residents who have “given service to Qatar” or have “skills that can benefit the country,” the official Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.

Those deemed eligible for the new status will be afforded the same access as Qataris to free public services, such as health and education and will also receive preferable treatment for jobs in the administration and armed services as well as being able to own their own properties and exercise some commercial activities without the need for a Qatari partner, QNA reported.

A committee would be established at the interior ministry to review requests of granting permanent residency ID in line with the provisions of the law.

This is an important move as Qatar is facing political, economic and diplomatic boycott by  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. It has been two months to this crisis and as a result, the  expatriate population was worried about their stay and future in this Gulf state. This will surely provide security to the expats.

Secondly, to stay and work in Qatar one needs to be sponsored by locals. This new law will give freedom to the expats and bring them closer to the state.  It is a unique measure and first of its kind in the GCC states and will bestow a new global image to Qatar as a supporter of human rights.