After the deadly earthquake that hit Mexico on Tuesday was followed by three after tremours which the National Seismological Centre measured on richter scale to be 6.1 at 7:52 am, 5.2 at 8:24 and 5 at 8:25 am of the local timings. These all hit the Mexico on Saturday.
These earthquakes were followed up by a volcanic eruption in the Popocatepetl volcano. It has been erupting since 1994 but the experts believe that the eruption is not related to the Mexico’s recent earthquakes. The Volcano near Mexico has emitted a cloud of vapour and ash about 1.2 miles into the air. The Volcano is at level 2 alert which means that there can be further eruptions too.
The new quake that hit was of 7.1 magnitudes which hit on Thursday. It destroyed more than 50 buildings. These chain of destruction have left many people homeless and nearly 400 dead nationwide.
Two hours before the last earthquake hit the Mexico the people were taking quake drills on the anniversary of 1985 earthquake which nearly claimed 10,000 people.
Sergio Cedillo said, ” I heard the alarm and ran downstairs with my family.”
The volunteers, emergency workers and military personnel are up each day to help people and the ones who are affected