It’s good to know about your surroundings, but knowing about other’s problems is even better.

Do you know that the state of Texas in South America has been hit by a category-4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey just last night?

If not yet, let me brief you in detail.

Hurricane Harvey became a category 2 hurricane hovering above the U.S. on    25th August, and landed late at night, around 11 P.M. on Texas as a category 4 hurricane, making it the only category 4 hurricane to land on the U.S.A. since hurricane Charley in 2004.

Since its occurrence, it has already brought huge devastation to the state of Texas. The winds are somewhere around 130 – 140 mph, uprooting big trees and signboards, and cutting power to thousands of households.It is further estimated to bring rainfall measuring 40 inches by Wednesday, and the floods could leave thousands homeless. Furthermore, storm surge is expected to reach over 13ft between Port Aransas and Port O’ Connor.

Tornados are expected on Saturday near the middle and upper coasts of Texas.

And unlike most hurricanes, experts expect it to last well over a few days, and have asked the general public to be prepared for tougher conditions.

Many coastal cities have issued mandatory evacuations, as the hurricane is expected to bring more devastation, not only in property, but also loss of life.

Sitting here in foreign land, we could certainly not do anything for the people out there except ask our near ones living in the victimized Texas to stay safe, and spread awareness.

What’s more?

  • President Trump signs “Disaster Proclamation” in Texas.
  • Harvey weakens to category 3 hurricane.