Aman Ki Asha

I, as a proud Pakistani citizen, support Gurmehar Kaur in her cause. Because yes I dont want any more wars. I want the hidden lobbies to be exposed at both sides which always derail the peace process among both countries. Dear hidden lobbies, we wont let #AmanKiAsha become #AmanKaTamasha due to your cowardly acts. We’ll expose you and we’ll ruin you. Fayaz khan wrote on this video

This 3 min video by Fayaz khan is in response to  Gurmehar Kaur’s peace message. She lost her father when she was 2 in the kargil war and grew up hating the Pakistanis and the Muslims. She later came up with a compassionate message for the society which is sadly being taken in a wrong note. This video is later said to be dedicated to her from a thousands gurmehar living across his  country. It’s a small step towards filtering the smog of false prejudice which has surrounded us since the beginning.
It’s a eye opener to the people who blame the whole nation for the acts of few brainwashed and power lusty people. Since technology has been misused and has been the epicenter of a deadly riots in the past. Therefore, this video also becomes an apt example ‘of how  technology should be used to make people come together and spread love across all barriers present in our society for a peace-loving world’ .