Amit Shah, in a single point rally in Uttar Pradesh today, clearly highlighted Rahul Gandhi’s failure to bring development in his constituency of Amethi, after the district is under Congress rule since 2003. This came after Rahul previously mocked the BJP for the slow development of Gujarat. “Leave Gujarat, focus on Amethi instead,” Shah replied indicating towards a clear battle for the constituency.

Shah addressed Rahul as ‘Rahul Baba’ throughout his speech, and said when we will bring out a report card of what we have done for the people here, what answer will he (Rahul) give?

“What have you, your father, or grandmother done for Amethi?” asked Shah, giving a clear indication that the BJP has the full chance of winning the important seat of Amethi in the 2019 elections.

He also said the BJP’s candidate from Amethi, now Union Minister Smriti Irani, who had lost the seat to Rahul Gandhi in 2014, has done more for the people here than Gandhi himself.

Shah even accused Gandhi of wearing Italian glasses. “You could not see things from the Indian perspective. In 2022, UP will be developed by Gujarat.”

Backing Shah was the opposition candidate of the constituency Smriti Irani, who followed in the accusations and said that Rahul Gandhi had given Amethi a lip service. He is not answerable to questions over lacking development in the city.

“In the three years that we have been in power, Modi government has launched about 106 schemes. “Rahul Baba” probably does not even know how to count,” Shah further added.

BJP has given the country a Prime Minister who speaks. Under the previous government, the people craved to hear the leader (referring to Congress’ Dr. Manmohan Singh),” he mocked.

BJP president Shah said that the BJP has given electricity, water, and other facilities of the people here. “We will come back with a report card of what we have done and ask for your vote.”