A BJP Youth Leader from Kerela, of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) that is the central working Youth Wing of BJP, was found red-handed under broad daylight as the suspicion of police turned out to be true.

This Thursday, Rakesh Ezhacherry was arrested from his residence in Thrissur, Kerala, by local Police Officials with the charge of producing ‘Fake Notes’, along with the arrest of his brother, Rajesh, who diligently and consistently used to assist him in this illegal work and exchange it before getting caught.

For the reader’s information, Rakesh is a BJP Youth Leader and is also a supporter of the recent Demonetization Move that was initiated and announced by the Government of India, on 8th of November, 2016. This was a step to eradicate black money hoarding and corruption relating to the production of fake notes, which was bringing down the Indian Economy.

But quite surprisingly, a BJP supporter, and also backed by the tag of ‘Youth Leader of BJP’ in Kerala made us witness what ‘Hypocrisy’ is, by producing and printing of Fake Notes, and possessed cash of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs in black, which is quite a ransom to be kept in Cash.


Officials have reported that Rakesh and Rajesh Ezhacherry possessed proper Printing Machines and Ink to be printer on Currency Notes, to make it look real. Later, these Counterfeit Notes were exchanged by Rajesh in the Local Shops and Petrol Pumps into Real Notes, and brought back home.

According to the officials, these two brothers ran this printing currency unit from their home and printed denominations of currency ranging from 20 Rupees to 2000 INR.

When the Media Houses got information regarding the arrest of the two brothers, Rakesh and Rajesh Ezhacherry, many started posting memes and pictures featuring him, the most popular one being this:

This was from a March against the hoarding of Black Currency held in January. This was led by Shobha Surendran who stands as a BJP National Executive Member, and General Secretary of the same party, in Kerela. Rakesh Ezhacherry who is in question in this article also supported this move quite publicly, and now have been arrested as a criminal under the same movement that he once supported.

They were caught in a Raid by the Local Police Officials which were initiated as a part of its operation “Kubera” by Police against illegal money lending firms, which also confirmed that in addition to them producing Fake Notes, Exchanging it, and keeping Printing Machines and Ink at their residence, the Duo Rakesh and Rajesh, is also held accountable for indulging in Illegal Money Lending Operations as well.