BJP emerged as the biggest victor in the political drama of Bihar which unfolded between 26th to 28th July 2017.

With the formation of JD (U)-BJP alliance in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh already on its side, the way for BJP’s victory in 2019 is clear.

The end of Maha gathbandhan proves that there is no chance for any opposition to survive at the National level. Nitish Kumar who was seen as the anti-BJP face for 2019 elections has himself joined hands with BJP giving a  major blow to the already weak opposition forces.

Looking at the present scenario it looks that coming months will see more united opposition with close cooperation between Congress, BSP, SP, TMC, RJD, etc.

However, the question arises that can this united and determined opposition survives without any leader of substance to counter Modi.

I think the Modi wave in the country is unstoppable and future holds the re- emergence of single party dominance era which India  has witnessed from 1947-67 with Congress at both Centre and in most of the states.


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