BHU Update: Two policemen and three magistrates removed


On Monday, three additional city magistrates and two policemen who were related to the lathi-charge on the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) students were removed by the Uttar Pradesh government. This lathi-charge was done against a student-led protest that was being conducted on campus over a sexual harassment case that occurred on-campus. In this lathi-charge, several students, including multiple girls, and two journalists were injured, which angered the students further.

Three city magistrates, Manoj Kumar Singh, Sushil Kumar Gaund and Jagdamma Prasad Singh, have been removed as said in a release made by the Varanasi District’s Information office. Additionally, the station officer at Lanka Police Station, Rajiv Singh has been removed and moved to the police lines. Sanjiv Mishra, station officer at Jaitpura Police Station has taken over this post, as informed the police officials. Nivesh Kumar, Circle Officer of Bhelupur, was also removed from his post and Ayodhya Prasad Singh, Circle Officer of Kotwali has been appointed for this position.

Several students even reached the Vice Chancellor’s residence after he denied to meet them and speak to them about their demands. They were stopped by the BHU security guards, as said by a BHU spokesperson. Outsiders had also joined the students in their protest outside the VC’s residence and they had begun throwing stones at his doors and windows. The police lathi-charged them in an effort to move them away from the residence. The police sources claim that some of their personnel were also injured in this hassle.


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked for a report on this incident, he requested it from the Divisional commissioner. Several political parties have shunned the government and the actions taken by the police forces. After news of the journalists being injured in the lathi-charge was heard, protests were held in Lucknow near the CM’s residence. They have now submitted a memorandum to the district magistrate demanding action be taken against the guilty.

Currently nearly 1500 police personnel have been deployed on the campus, to control the situation and avoid the development of new unrests. Several of these officers being contingents of the Provisional Armed Constabulary.

This does not solve the still rather evident problem, the problem of eve-teasing. The students say that 100 meters from the area where the incident occurred, there were guards, and they did nothing to stop the men from harassing the woman student, while she was returning to her hostel.

Students claim that eve-teasing has been an ever-prevalent issue on-campus and there needs to be strict measures taken against this. And when the girl went to her warden, she was questioned as to why she was returning so late to the hostel.

My Opinion

How long would they have stayed quiet? This may or may not have been politically strategized to occur before the Prime Minister’s visit to Varanasi but the intent of this incident was still wrong. There needs to better safety precautions taken in every campus residence and there needs to be a change brought in the mentality of the Indian Society. Eve-teasing is wrong. Condemn it, don’t let it go, complain against it, don’t let these miscreants moved around freely, take action against it.