One of the significant historical and religious building of Babri mosque has always been a burning topic since 1853 when the first incident of violence was seen over the holy site. The Hindus claim that the presence of mosque was destroying the Hindu temple located next to it. Whereas the Muslim section of the place defended and blamed the same for the hindu temple. Hence, the mosque has always been a bone of contention.

Over the past almost 60 years and above, people are still rigid about the presence of only one holy site in that area and are fighting over this issue. Over thousand of people have been killed in the riots and violence of the issue. When it became hard for the people to find a solution, the issue was taken to the courts. Since the issue is very complicated and extremely religious, the courts had to take into account all the point sensitivity keeping the view of both the communities. That is why the decision is yet not taken about it.

The Supreme Court says that the matter is sensitive. Hence, it has been taking suggestions since a long time. Most of the people favour that the babri mosque should be demolished and should be build outside the area or atlas little far from the temple so that the integrity and ceremonies could not be disturbed due to the presence of the other holy site.

The decision is yet to be taken by the court which says that the matter is complex and should be settled out of court.