Senior Samajwadi Party pioneer Azam Khan guaranteed that ladies “dahshatgardon” (fear based oppressors) were cleaving off the private parts of security workforce (“Fauji”) to send over a “solid message”, which should leave the whole nation “embarrassed”. Khan made the comments while tending to partymen at the SP office in Rampur on Tuesday.

“Take a good look at what occurred in Punjab, Kashmir, Arunachal, Assam, Bengal and Jharkhand,” he said.

“Hathyar-band auraton ne fauj ko mara aur lashon se jo jism ka hissa kaat kar le kar gayi, woh Hindustan ki ek asal zindagi ka parda uthati hai. Kahin log faujiyon ka, yah behgunahon ka sar kaatate hain, kahin haath kaat ke le jate hain… Lekin is mauke standard, mahila dahshatgardon ne fauj ke private parts ko kaat kar saath le gayin… Unhe haath se shikayat nahin thi, sar se nahin thi, combine se shikayat nahin… Jism ke jis hisse se shikayat thi, usey kaat ke le gayin (Armed ladies murdered security staff, and the body parts that they hacked off  talks about the reality of  India. A few people removed the heads or hands of the soldiers or the blameless… But on this event, the lady militants removed the private parts of security workforce and brought it with them. They had no objection against their hands, heads or legs, they took the parts against which they had a protest),” he said.

“Yeh itna bada sandesh hai, jis standard purey Hindustan ko sharminda hona chahiye (This is such a solid message, the whole India should feel embarrassed),” he said.

Khan expressed his opinions as, “I have not said anything all alone. I have quite recently expressed certainties which showed up in daily papers,” he said.

In April, a day after 25 CRPF staff were killed in a Maoist assault in Burkapal, the state of a portion of the bodies raised doubts of genital mutilation. Indeed, even as the bodies were sent for after death, senior CRPF authorities proposed that no less than one body gave suggestions that the private parts had been mangled with.

In the days that took after, the Maoists issued a sound public statement denouncing such proposals as unmerited. At that point, in the second week of May, the then acting CRPF boss Sudeep Lakhtakia said they had checked with specialists who led the after death, and could “with all expert, say that none of the assemblages of the killed CRPF men had been ruined”.

Denouncing Khan’s comments, Anil Baluni, leader of the BJP media cell cautioned that such assaults on the security strengths would bring down their spirit. “It’s condemnable. It has turned into a design for a few pioneers to make explanations demonstrating the Armed Forces in poor light. Azam Khan is an ongoing guilty party in this. This sort of environment is bad for the nation. The Congress, CPI(M) and SP have made such assaults on the confidence of the Army prior Additionally,” he said.

However, Khan countered that he didn’t intend to cripple the Armed Forces. “The announcement has left the torment that I feel in my heart. It is being anticipated in a wrong way. I could never discourage the security powers… I was the first to scrutinise the Prime Minister’s visit to Pakistan after an Indian officer was executed. However, what I have said is a reality,” he said.

“I have talked these words out of torment and the individuals who are requesting that I be embarrassed should feel embarrassed themselves for making life troublesome for Muslims and Dalits in the nation,” he said.

“I ask for both Modiji and Yogiji to end the political agitation and bring the principle of law. Such a large number of railroad reservations were wiped out and youths did not come back to their homes for Eid, dreading some untoward episode in the trains. This should end,” said Khan.