1942 – Atal Bihari Vajpayee Joined the Quit India Movement, jailed during the Freedom Struggle

1951 – Founder-member of the erstwhile Jana Sangh

1957 – Becomes the leader of the Jana Sangh, 1957 – Elected to Lok Sabha

1962 – Elected to Rajya Sabha

1968 – President, Bharatiya Jana Sangh (1968-1973)

1975 – Placed under house arrest during Emergency

1977 – Founder-member of the Janata Party (1977-1980)

1977 – Became the first non-Congress External Affairs Minister

1979 – Makes memorable speech in Hindi at the UN

1980 – President, BJP (1980-1986)

1984 – Loses Lok Sabha election from his hometown Gwalior

1992 – Conferred Padma Vibhushan

1994 Conferred the Lokmanya Tilak Puruskar and Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Award for the Best Parliamentarian

1996 – Became PM, but his government lasts only 13 days

1998 – NDA comes to power, sworn in as PM for the 2nd time

1999 – The bus journey to Pakistan in February 1999 was widely acclaimed for starting a new era of negotiations to resolve the outstanding problems of the sub-continent.

– India wins the Kargil war, Vajpayee hailed for his successful handling of the situation in repulsing back the intruder from the Indian soil

– Resigns after his government loses a parliamentary vote of confidence on April 13, 1999

– Sworn in again as PM for the third time on October 13, 1999 after his party and its allies regain control.

2001 – Talks at the Agra Summit with Musharaf break down

2002 – Calls first-ever joint session of Parliament, pushes through POTA

2004 – Concedes the election after his party loses in parliamentary elections