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Aseman Airlines plane crash killed 66 people in Iran

Aseman Airlines
The plane was flying from the capital Tehran to Yasuj. The Aseman Airlines flight left Tehran’s Mehrabad airport around 08:00 AM local time (04:30 GMT), said Mohammad Tabatabai, director of public relations for the airline
The plane was carrying a total of 66 people (among which 60 were passengers and 6 were crew members). One child was said to be among those on board.
The ATR-72 twin-engine plane disappeared from the radar about an hour later.
The aircraft crashed into Dena Mountain ( which is 500 km from Tehran) on Sunday morning.
“After searches in the area, unfortunately, we were informed that the plane crashed. Unfortunately, our dear ones lost their lives in this accident” said Mohammad Tabatabai.
The rescue team has been unable to land the helicopters to the land at the crash site due to dense fog and snow. They are trying to reach the victims but it could take a day or more to get to the site due to the severe weather conditions.
“Right now there are five rescue and relief teams of the emergency service in the area. But they still haven’t spotted anything “, said Jalal Pooranfar (regional head for Iran’s emergency services).