On 12th September 2017, Apple is set to unveil its new set of iPhones for the first time on their own campus at the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park. Apple is expected to launch their 10th Anniversary iPhone dubbed iPhone X as well as an iPhone 8 and a bigger sized iPhone 8 Plus.

What is expected from the new iPhone This Year!!

To begin with, the new iPhone is set to have a completely new design in more than three years with Apple moving to a 5.8-inch display with an OLED Screen with minimal bezels, much like their competitors. The biggest change, however, is the removal of the physical home button, an iconic iPhone feature since the launch of the original iPhone. This decision made by Apple brings about two major concerns. First is the Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition sensor for Apple which was previously rumored to be placed at the back is gone. The second is Apple Pay, a simple method of making transactions through Debit and Credit using finger print.


The removal of these functionalities means that Apple will probably replace them with a 3D Facial Recognition, much like what Samsung has done with their new line of Galaxy Smartphones. This will not only enable users to unlock their new iPhones but also make payments using a secure facial recognition system.

Other upgrades to the hardware include a new 10 nanometre A11 Chipset coming in at 32GB, 128GB and 256BG variant, which is expected to outperform any other smartphone processor out in the market as of now. Apple is also expected to follow Samsung’s footsteps of going with wireless charging, but the wireless charger itself could potentially be available much later this year. Water Resistant is set to receive an upgrade as well for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’s IP67 to an IP68 in the new phones. In terms of software, the new iPhones will receive the refreshed iOS 11.

The Cost Of The New to be Launched, model

The iPhone X is expected to be priced around a whopping sum of $1000, which in India could roughly amount to nearly one lakh rupees including taxes. It is expected to be shipping to stores on 22nd September 2017. Besides the new line of smartphones, Apple is also expected to announce the new Apple Watch Series 3, the Apple 4K TV