“We need to be true to who we are,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, beginning the Apple Launch Event in the Steve Jobs Theater on Monday.As this being the very first event of the theater, Cook said- “it is an honor of a lifetime to walk a new to the Steve Jobs Theater”.Before the launch of the much awaited iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Tim and his colleagues talked about various aspects of the new products. First of all, the mindset behind creating them, which, the cook said, was that it is a way of expressing our self to our next generations. Then, they talked in brief about the retail and sales, and the vision Apple has for its customers and its employees.

Next came the big thing- the launch!

iPhone 8 which was launched first, has spectacular features that make it better than every other previously launched Apple product.

It introduces an all-glass design made of color-matched, aerospace grade aluminum, which is light, and highly durable at the same time. Its elegant design lures customers into buying it without a further doubt.

Its 12 MP camera is better than any existing smartphone, and offers the best resolution and filters, has a larger and faster sensor with deeper pixels and optical image stabilization.


The water and dust-resistant screen come in two sizes- 4.7 inch and 5.5-inch retina HD display, which has true tone technology, that automatically balances brightness (white balance) according to your surrounding light, a wide color grunt that offers bright and radiant tone to the display, and a 3D touch.

Wireless charging makes the iPhone even more efficient, and it’s effortless to carry the device, which comes in 3 stylish colors- new space gray, silver, and gold finishing.

The iPhone X (iPhone 10) is an even better version, being edge-to-edge glass, which surprisingly comes without a home button. Just swipe up the screen, and you are good to go!

It unlocks via special face-recognition technique, which makes it more private than any other phone.

Apple also launched the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple OLED watch, and Apple TV 4K.

The watch works independently of the iPhone, and Madam Siri is present to guide you through the watch. Be it answering calls from the surfboard, or asking Siri to send a message, it’s just a game of wrists.

This may sound a bit abstract, but the Apple series 3 watch with cellular allows you to stream your favorite songs on the go.

Now amaze people by playing songs on a watch. Gear up your wrists!

The last product of the launch, the Apple TV 4K streams movies and shows in the amazing 4K HDR quality. It lets you surf great content from trending apps like Hulu, Netflix, and ESPN, and broadcasts live sports and news events.

Apple has set a new standard in the tech market. We don’t think anyone could match up to the company in another decade.