A new bill has been passed by the russian lower house. This bill introduces criminal responsibility for diverting children towards suicide or the dangerous games , carried through so called ‘suicide groups’ on internet. This bill was prepared and drafted by MP Iriha Yarovaya. According to this bill the person is punishable up to 6 years behind bars if one spread the data and information about how to commit suicide or helping someone in harming himself or herself .

The bill also introduces the punishment of up-to 3 years in prison if one attracts the minors to commit suicide or play various dangerous games such as running on roofs , crossing road in traffic etc. Current bill mandates that cases against suspects can be stopped if they help in reinforcement of this bill and minimize the harm caused by them .

Except introducing new crimes and their punishment , the punishment for existing crimes is also tightened. Another bill is also passed by the lower house asking russian internet watchdog to find out and report all the websites having information regarding suicide , self- harm etc. within 24 hours . When National Mass Media started reporting about children indulging in dangerous games then this bill was introduced by the Russian law makers. This bill is passed in order to combat the blue whale challenge in russia which caused over 100 teen deaths in the nation.