Anti-Romeo squad in Uttar Pradesh

After Yogi Adityanath took charge in Uttar Pradesh, the police on Wednesday started an Anti-Romeo squad drive to curtail the incidents of sexual harassment across the state. One of the Pre poll promised mentioned in the manifesto by the BJP was to check eve-teasing, molestation and women harassment.

After the squad became active, it faced many criticisms. There were people who reported that they were asked for and questioned by the police officials and were suspected for no reason. Parents of many youngsters have expressed their concern regarding this drive that the cops are simply picking young men even without any strong evidence against them and that is giving negative vibes and sense of insecurity to those youngsters. Due to this men are even scared of going out of their houses. The suspected eyes of the cops have become a reason to worry for the youngsters even without reasons.

Further it was clarified by the newly appointed CM of UP Yogi Aditynath Said that this squad is not against love and the couples but situations should not go against the will of women. Anti-Romeo squad ‘s major focus is to provide safeguard against women and protect them from any ill treatment and harassment. Defending the drive the Uttar Pradesh director general of police Javeed Ahmad tweeted, “ safety of girls/ladies is the sole intent of the anti-Romeo squads. No moral policing.”

According to reports, actions were taken against 33 people in Ghaziabad and 3 were arrested in Lucknow while some were punished in Jhansi as well. The main focus of UP government is to reduce the crime related to girls and women, which was a bit high in Uttar Pradesh. After become the CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath took some bold step to reduce crime rate and make state better place to live.