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Another Jolt taken by Mexico


Another powerful earthquake hit the land of Mexico, this time closer to the populated city. It collapsed buildings to dust and till now, the reported number of deaths is at 217 people. It was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit at 1:14 pm; the center of this earthquake was Puebla state town of Raboso, which is 123km south-east of Mexico City. Civilians panicked and ran into the streets while several decided to stay and help those who require being rescued.

The previous earthquake to have hit Mexico did not reach the populated areas but this tremor collapsed buildings into rubble or severely damaged them, and all of this occurred in densely populated areas of Mexico City. Reportedly 44 places have witnessed the fall of buildings and high-rises across the city were shaken, according to Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera. In the last quake that Mexico saw two weeks ago, the death count was at 90, this time it doubled to above 200.

President Enrique Pena Nieto has ordered all hospitals to open their doors to anyone in need of help. Mexico City has been declared as a state of disaster by the government which has now made emergency funds open for use. Mayor Mancera said, 50 to 60 people were rescued alive by fellow civilians and emergency workers in the capital. Although, at least 70 people were hospitalized in the capital said authorities. The rescue operations are being carried out in a slow process because of the fragility of the rubble, although as the mayor said, “time is against us.”

People left their homes and offices and were in severe denial of returning back into structures, in the fear that they may collapse at any moment. They remained on the streets for hours. Electricity and cell network was broken up in different parts of the city, traffic was full of blaring horns as people were getting impatient as the traffic lights had gone off as the city was at a standstill.

The Instituto Morelos secondary school in Jojutla was saved by their earthquake drill. They had a practice drill in the morning and two hours later they felt the jolt and luckily enough there were no casualties. This quake struck on the anniversary of the 8.0 magnitude disastrous tremors of 1985, people were taking part in a drill earlier in the morning after which this 7.1 magnitude tremor was felt. The 1985 tremor was one of the worst the country had ever seen, it took away 10,000 civilians. According to initial research, 30 million people would have felt Tuesday, 19, September 2017’s tremors.