After North Korea’s success in testing inter continental ballistic missile, tensions have spiked with United States of America. 7 months after two missile tests, North Korea and the United States are in a heated situation.

President Trump made a statement, “ North Korea not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

This statement has only escalated the matter and it was followed by a series of heated responses. North Korean leader responded with a threat to create an enveloping fire around “ Guam”. It is a small island in the Pacific which is a base for American Air Force and a residence for some American citizens. The current population of Guam is around 174,473 people.

On 6th August a resolution was passed in the United Nation Security Council unanimously in approval of the resolution 2371. This is a rare situation in history where all the members vote unanimously. According to this resolution, there will be tougher sanctions on North Korea hence declaring embargo on iron, coal and lead. Beijing is an ally to North Korea but the recent vote against it simply shows the threat of Nuclear war is much greater than maintaining friendly relationships.

With United States already putting embargo and China’s recent embargo on coal North Korea will face set backs in the coming future. North Korea is one of the most isolated country in the world.

The South Korean President Moon Jae-in told in a meeting that they are going to handle the matter peacefully and there will be no war in the Korean peninsular.

The likely response of United States to North Korea are first preventive war but this could be highly criticised under international law, second forceful containment which would not let any provocations go unpunished, third decapitation or eliminating the North Korean leader, fourth increased economic pressure, fifth return to formal negotiations which would be the most ideal, sixth freeze to freeze where both sides negotiate on certain terms, seventh exploratory talks, in simple terms to avoid any kind of miscommunications that could lead to a situation out of control.