Afghanistan have been facing security challenges both from within its borders and from outside. Every year thousands of Afghan’s are migrating out of their country not just cause of security threat but of poor health care facilities, infrastructure and low standard of living.

What led to the present conditions of Afghanistan? If we look back in history it was the big power politics that created disturbance in the region leading to the creation of Taliban. Taliban has not only alerted the lives of the Afghans but also created an atmosphere of stagnant economic growth, destroying the country to dust. Poppy plantation in Afghanistan has added to the income of the militants. With high level of cross border drug trafficking it has become a challenge for the ANA (Afghan National Army)to secure it borders.

Afghanistan shares border with as much as six countries including Pakistan ( Durand line). Pakistan has been harboring Pakistani Taliban in the region and supplying them with arms and ammunition. The rough terrain of the border region makes it even harder for the ANA to secure its borders. The only possible way of securing it presently is with the help of snipers. There is an urgent need for a improvement in technology and weapons. The ANA should have a functioning Air force, helicopters, F-16 to secure its borders.

Another obstacle in the path for security in the region is the ethic division, when a country is divided from within it becomes easier for foreign meddlers to get their way in. The active role of neighbouring countries in supplying weapons and trading drugs with the militants makes the work ANA even tougher.  Taliban has not only expanded its territory ever since 2001 but also got a better hold of activities in the border.

One of the chief reason for the Taliban to get their easy passing the border region is the prevailing corruption in the ANA. The low pay checks compels the ANA and other government officials to get into corruption.To counter the Taliban and foreign powers involvement in the region, first corruption should be stopped from the top, this will eliminate Taliban’s alternate source of income ( poppy plantation, drug trafficking ).

However today there is hope for the next generation of Afghans, with growing literacy rate and growing awareness the Taliban is likely to face a setback. Also the US President has recently announced to send additional 4000 troops to Afghanistan to assist the ANA.