Days after the sodomization of a 7-year old in Gurugram, a 5-year old girl was raped in her school toilet, and left bleeding and crying by the perverted rapist.

The girl studies in class 1 of a private school in New Delhi.

During school premises, the 5-year old had gone to relieve herself in the school’s toilet, when she was held and brutally raped by the school peon. As soon as she started crying, he left her outside the toilet and fled.

When she came home crying, her parents observed that she was bleeding in private parts and rushed her to a nearby hospital, where doctors confirmed rape. Police investigation zeroed in on some of the school’s staffers, of which a 40-yr old peon confessed to his crime.

The school has remained quiet over the incident.

The accused has been arrested based on identification by the girl and booked under section 376 of the IPC (rape) and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

As horrifying as a crime is this, it is not a first-of-its-kind, and the number of rape cases has rapidly increased in the last decade.

Our question is from the government. Has it done anything against the increasing number of rape cases in the country? Has the current government implemented any new laws that would make the criminals fear the law and think a thousand times before committing any such sin, or has it made any difference in decreasing crimes against women in the country since it came to power?

The POCSO Act has been, to some extent, successful in bringing down the number of cases of child abuse, but even then every hour at least one girl is raped in some part of the country.

The need of the hour is to bring the total death penalty to a rape accused, and formation of a ‘No Spare’ law, which does not allow any offenders to flee from the hands of the law.

Only then would there be a fear in the minds of anyone who thinks dirty of a girl, and a much required safe environment in the country.