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AAP ’s Metro fare Satyagraha launches today


AAP ’s Metro fare Satyagraha launches today


The AAP launched a city-wide protest against the recent Metro fare hike in Delhi, alleging that the center had taken this step to benefit taxi services like the Ola and Uber by providing a larger customer base.

A fare hike in the metro would immediately bring down the number of commuters in the Metro, and expand the customer base of such radio Taxi operators.

The party rallied against the 17% hike in Metro fares outside every metro station on Wednesday. The AAP, which is the current state government in power in Delhi, had previously expressed its in acceptance of this decision of the center’s, backing the DMRC’s claim that this was center’s policy to cut down the taxi services’ losses, and that an increase in travel tariffs would have a direct impact on ridership. But the center had gone ahead to execute its hike scheme.

The center however, had denied all such accusations and had said that the DMRC was running into losses, as an excuse for the hike.

The AAP government rallied today at metro stations across Delhi to demand a rollback in what was termed by party members as a ‘Metro fare hike satyagraha’. Next, they will cover and protest outside Nirman Bhawan, the office of the Union Urban Development Ministry in Delhi on Thursday.

“The Modi government’s decision to hike the fare is unfortunate. They say that the Metro is running into losses, but this is not true. How come the losses started mounting since the last one year,” questioned a senior official of the Party.

“The increase in the fare is not to shore up the losses, but it appears that the main purpose is to benefit the Ola and Uber (radio cab operators). The fare hike will further congest Delhi and increase pollution,” the official had said.