An earthquake hit the Mexico city, on Thursday night, which was recorded to be of 8.1 magnitude on Richter Scale and the epicenter is said to be in the Pacific Ocean about 1000 kilometers southeast from the capital and 120 kilometers from the coast.
It is reported that about 30 people have died after this powerful earthquake that hit the Mexico. President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the earthquake shakes were felt by about 50 million people all over the country. It was the strongest earthquake that Mexico have felt since a century. The same earthquake was felt back in 1985, which claimed lives of around 9,500 people in and around the city.
Out of 30 people who died, 23 were from Oaxaca state, Gov. Alejandro Murat as reported by the Foreign Ministry. 7 others were from Chiapas and two were from Tabasco as reported by local officials.
Later, the US Geological Survey system issued a red alert and predicted that there will be economic and human loss after the earthquake. Multiple after shocks were also felt which included at least six tremors which were measured to be above 5.0 magnitude. The National Weather Service’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre confirmed that there will be a tsunami wave in Mexico with 3 feet height. The officials also confirmed that the tsunami waves will be more than of 10 feet that could hit the coast of Mexico.
About 1.85 million homes lost electricity and many people lacked water services and it is said that it will take 36 hours to 48 hours to fix the problem and make it back to normal.