Seven-year-old deprived of life, taken away from this sinful world.

School, a safe place for children, eight hours spent away from home, gaining knowledge, making friends, you should not be questioning your safety. This safe sphere has been violated as the news of the death of a seven-year-old is part of the daily news sphere. Ryan International School in the Sohna area, seven-year-old, Pradyuman Thakur, a second-class student was found in a pool of blood in the school bathroom.

In a country where we take pride in being one of the youngest countries in the world, we need to make sure our children are safe. Pradyuman was dropped off at school at around 7:30 am by his father and at 8:30 am the news of his death was delivered. Thakur was found inside a toilet in the school building by other students, who then informed their teachers, who informed the management and then the police after which the boy was taken to Artemis Hospital. Pradyuman throat was slit across twice and there were marks on his neck.

The main motive behind this dreadful incident is being looked at in many different angles by the police. They are suspecting a motive of sexual harassment as it has been found that the washrooms were used by peons, bus drivers and school staff as well, not just restricted to students. Pradyuman father, Vinod Chand Thakur says, “If children are murdered in schools, then on what belief can we leave them for 8 hours? It is a clear case of murder, don’t know what happened but I am sure its murder.”

Pradyuman was a happy child, as claimed by his father, he was riding his cycle last evening and he had never complained of having faced troubles in school. There was no issue foreseen, Pradyuman had never said anything against school, and Vinod is stubborn in proving this to be a murder. The police have also said that prima facie it did appear to be a murder case. A knife was recovered at the crime scene which has blood marks on it. The boy’s small, still body had marks around the body and marks around the throat.

Ten people have been questioned regarding this case, his classmates, people working on the premises as well. Four people have been detained under this case, a conductor, who is also the major suspect, a bus driver, a gardener and a member of staff. The main accused is the conductor who is being charged with having sexually harassed the child. The police have recovered a CCTV footage from the school, but the working condition of the CCTV Camera was questionable.

The police had admitted that there was no CCTV Camera next to the crime scene, so it would be even more difficult to catch hold of the real criminal. But they ensured that the surrounding cameras were working perfectly fine. There was a protest conducted immediately by angry parents, they also vandalised the walls of Ryan International School, the Gurgaon Police was brought into the picture and they tried to calm the parents down.


There is no way that parents will be calm, a seven-year-old child was brutally murdered. Schools are supposed to be safe spaces but after incidents like this surface, people will be scared, they can’t trust schools anymore, there is no safe haven left. Where do you send your children and take a breath of relief? This place was supposed to be school and now, even that has been taken away from parents. A child once lost, is gone forever, there is always an empty no matter how much time passes, this wound won’t heal.

May your soul Rest In Peace, Pradyuman Thakur.