Today, UN opened the first legally binding treaty to be signed, in the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The speakers from international organizations, government, and civil societies appreciated this step as this will help to achieve the dream of having a world free of such equipment that is threat to the mankind.

The treaty was adopted on 7th of July in the year 2017. In that conference at the headquarters it was favored by 122 countries only Netherland was the one against it. The treaty prohibits the use of Nuclear weapons and any kind related to it at all. It includes a prohibition to develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess or the stock pile of nuclear weapons. It even prohibits the use or even the threat to use this weapon. The treaty will come into force within 90 days of 50 countries signing the treaty.

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, said at the high-level debate at the UN “The Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons is the product of increasing concerns over the risk posed by the continued existence of nuclear weapons, including the catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences of their use.”

He further added that “The Treaty is an important step to towards the universally-held goal of a world free of nuclear weapons. It is my hope that it will reinvigorate global efforts to achieve it.”

Mr. Guterres said that the life will be difficult in future if we allowed such threatening weapons in possession of various countries as this will put the future of our children in great danger.

However, the countries who already own the nuclear weapons were against this treaty.

Till now 50 countries have signed the treaty. Brazil was the first country to sign the treaty.

The President of the General Assembly said “It will raise awareness about the risks of nuclear weapons. It will keep us on track for achieving our goal of a world in which nuclear weapons exist only in movies or books. But we need to do more to get the whole way there.”