A strong earthquake hit the Mexico city which killed more than 200 people and even many buildings collapsed because of this earthquake. Out of the buildings to be reported to be collapsed, one was a school, which nearly killed 30 children.
The earthquake was recorded to be 7.1 on rector scale. The earthquake was so strong that it’s tremors could be felt in the nearby states as well. This earthquake in Mexico have claimed around 217 lives and have left Mexico in a shook.
 The epicenter of the earthquake was near Atencingo in Puebla state which is about 120 km from Mexico with depth of 51 km, the Geologists say.
 A Church also collapsed when a mass was going on in it, 15 people died. As the result of the tremors the volcano itself had a small eruption.
 Out of 37 who died in the Enrique Rébsamen elementary school collapse 32 were children and 5 were adults. According to the reporters 30 bodies have been found at the school and 22 bodies are still missing.
 There ere people working for rescuing people from the collapsed buildings. Rescuers included emergency workers, aided by military people and volunteers. 3 people were rescued alive from the Enrique Rébsamen elementary school.
 209 Schools are affected my the shock out of these 15 were severely damaged. Buildings at 44 locations collapsed and were severely damaged. Leading to many people to be homeless.
 Nearly 2 million people are left with no electricity or any source of communication. People are advised to not to smoke on street as maybe any gas pipe would have ruptured due to this earthquake.
 The President have urged people to stay in their houses and allow emergency workers and military men to work with the rescue work. And they can rescue as much people as possible.