On Saturday morning, a 23 year old, Arun Krishna, M. Tech student was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his hostel room. The boy was a pursuing Nano Technology at National Institute of Technology in Kozhikode. Arun was from Thiruvanathapuram and  had joined NIT in June. He was staying alone in his hostel room for last few days while his roommate was away to home for holidays.

His classmate tried to call him but his calls went unanswered so the classmate contacted the hostel warden and the hostel security was alert. They, then informed the police who then broke the door and went in. Where, they saw Arun hanging from the fan. They took Arun to the hospital around 11am where the doctors declared him to be dead. His body was then sent to Kozhikode Medical College for postmortem.

When police investigated from Arun’s classmate about his behavior they said there was nothing unusual about it and he was all good when he left after the classes. The police investigated and found nothing that could be seen as a potential reason for his death. There was no suicide note found at the site. The investigation is still going on to find out which could be the possible reason for the death of a young student.

My Opinion:-

Sometime a person is going through so many things mentally and emotionally that the person see no other other option in front of him than t end his life but before taking such decision one should try to talk to someone who is close to him or to someone whom you can confide completely. Taking such decisions is not the right option.

Even the colleges and schools have counseling departments set up in the campus to be the ear for you and that you can speak up your problems and a solution can be found for it.