Two Muslim understudies were professedly sent home by a US school for wearing hijabs since they were not conveying a “note” from guardians to demonstrate that they had worn the headscarves for religious reasons. Hajah Bah and Fatmata Mansaray, both cousins and understudies of Freedom High School, Virginia, charge that the school executives hassled them over their choice to wear hijabs , inevitably inciting statements of regret from Prince William school division pioneers.

Bah and Mansaray were cited as saying by Inside NoVA that they were drawn nearer by a school executive on Thursday and told that they would require a note from a parent to demonstrate they were wearing the set out covers toward religious reasons.

When they pushed back against that declaration, they were sent to the important’s office and eventually rejected from the school for the day.

“Typically, I don’t wear the hijab at school, however this time I did in light of the fact that Ramadan fell amid the school year and I was fasting,” Bah was cited as saying.

“In any case, why do I require a note if it’s my religion?” she said.

As the expression of the occurrence achieved school division pioneers, representative Phil Kavits said they, “instantly discovered that it runs counter to the PWCS (Prince William County Public Schools) responsibility regarding differences.”

He said school authorities have as of now apologized to both young ladies and their families, and the division has posted an expression of remorse on the web.

PWCS was cited by WJLA-TV as saying in an announcement, “We lament the conditions that drove a Freedom High School director to question understudies about wearing a hijab or request evidence of their religious reasons.

“The ask for was conflicting with the PWCS sense of duty regarding differences and religious flexibility, and we apologize to anybody it might have irritated.”

Mansaray likewise battled that Thursday’s episode was a long way from the first occasion when she has been hailed by directors over her head covering.

“I would clarify that it’s for a religious reason, and they couldn’t have cared less. I’d wear my hijab to class, and I’d be continually reprimanded to take my hijab,” she said.

Mansaray said she and her folks were at first hesitant to secure a note demonstrating she was wearing the hijab for religious reasons, as they “didn’t feel it was correct”.

In any case, she felt she in the long run “needed to collapse” and conveyed a note to the school’s office. In any case, she asserted her experiences with directors proceeded. Since the episode, Bah and Mansaray said they have both gotten conciliatory sentiments from the educational system, and have even observed an overflowing of support from their kindred understudies.