If you see your colleague injured in front of you and in the face of danger, you will save them or at least try to, this is exactly what and undisclosed police officer did in Spain. The officer single handedly confronted the terrorists and shot four of them dead in the vehicle ramming attack that took place in Catalan town of Cambrils. This attack caused the death of 1 civilian and injuries to five other people.

This attacked played out shortly after the attack in Barcelona, the Catalan capital, in which a rammed into a crowd and killed thirteen people and injured over a hundred civilians. This attack in Cambrils was executed shortly after this incident. They used an Audi A3 vehicle and drove along the beach of Cambrils, there were 5 of the terrorists, they hit four people. La Vanguardia has reported that the card them rammed into a police cruiser on an intersection and their car overturned.

The terrorists then came out of the car in the dim lights of the night and began stabbing civilians, who have done absolutely nothing to deserve such a death.

There were two officers in the police cruiser, one got serious head and leg injuries, which made it impossible for this officer to help with the terrorists situation. The partner got out of the car and he confronted the terrorists after which he shot fours out of the five terrorists dead.

In a graphic video obtained through La Vanguardia, one of the terrorists are seen taunting the officer by repeating the phrase, “Allahu Akbar” and he blatantly ignored the commands to surrender and lay down. A shot was fired but the man stood up and ran until more shots were fired at him. After this incident the unnamed police officer was counseled by psychologists, as reported by La Vanguardia.

The fifth attacker managed to flee the scene and injure a woman, who later died in the hospital. After a while, he was shot dead by another police officer. Police has identified all five terrorist cell members killed in Cambrils, but are still skeptical about the possibility that the driver was the same driver who was involved in the Barcelona terrorist attack. The police claim that there is a bigger bombing plan being made by a 12-member cell.